ShuangqiaoMobile hydraulic lifting platformClassification and function
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Aluminum alloy elevators are different from other forms. This type of elevator is made of aluminum alloy material, which is lightweight and has a more beautiful appearance. The disadvantage is that it has a light load capacity and is only suitable for simple high-altitude maintenance work, and can only provide support for - people.Volume speed control circuit: Speed control is achieved by adjusting the displacement of a variable pump or variable motor.Shuangqiao,Clean the surface of the base and install anchor bolts. If the construction elevator is installed on the floor, use a pad iron under the base screws to increase the force surface between the nut and the floor, in order to reduce the impact of the nut on the floor; Insert steel plate gaskets of different thicknesses between the chassis and the foundation stone at the anchor bolts to adjust the verticality of the guide rail frame; Install three standard sections and measure the verticality of the guide rail frame using a theodolite; After adjusting the verticality of the guide rail frame, tighten the four foundation bolts; Adjust the verticality of the fence door frame as above and press it tightlyMotor not running: Check all components of the motor for damage and check if there are any problems with the circuit and wiring.Ozd,If the circuit of the device is not disconnected or lowered, it is necessary to check the fuse for repair and replacement.Hydraulic cargo elevators have been used in some high-altitude operations in recent years, and now some hydraulic cargo elevators are gradually mentioned as large machinery such as tower cranes, becoming a better choice for some high-altitude operations. However, there are still certain limitations, such as height and improving the quality of goods, which have certain constraints.Set up warning lights around the guide rail type hydraulic cargo elevator equipment,ShuangqiaoCustomized hydraulic lifting platform, and the warning lights will light up to warn operators when loading and unloading materials. Idle personnel are prohibited from entering the operating range.

ShuangqiaoMobile hydraulic lifting platformClassification and function

The hydraulic lifting platform often checks the connection status of each part, and if there is any looseness, it should be tightened. The connection bolts of the machine body should be checked for tightness when the elevator body is under pressure (the compression condition can be formed by rotating the arm). All connecting shafts need to have split pins and need to be fully opened.What are the requirements for the pit? This type of cargo elevator only needs - centimeters and does not require too much space. The installation of scissor type hydraulic cargo elevators is different from that of guide rail type hydraulic cargo elevators. The scissor lift cargo elevator has a large load-bearing capacity, and the pit depth needs to be set at around - centimeters. It can also be designed according to customer on-site needs.Remember not to overload, overload is the root cause of many faults.Product line,Remember not to overload overload is the root cause of many faults.The smoothness of the gearbox, gearbox, external meshing gears, and hydraulic oil are all carried out according to the requirements in the smoothness table.Hydraulic lift cargo elevators belong to high-altitude work equipment. Small shaking of the scissor type structure is normal, but excessive deviation is a symptom. It is necessary to find the cause and make correct judgments in a timely manner. Generally speaking, operations above meters are generally allowed. Due to its own weight, lifting height, and intensity of high-altitude operations.

ShuangqiaoMobile hydraulic lifting platformClassification and function

Mobile is a type of cargo heavy machinery equipment with good adjustment reliability and wide application fields, suitable for automated production linesFair price,Stability: The workbench should evenly withstand % of the MAX load capacity and be stable at the MAX elevation.The safety belt should be inspected before use and a static load test should be conducted regularly (every months). The load for the boarding bridge test is kilograms, and the test time is minutes. After the test,ShuangqiaoScissor fork hydraulic lifting table, check for deformation, cracks, etc., and keep test records. Unqualified seat belts should be promptly dealt with.The elevator is evenly distributed at any position on the guide rail at % of the maximum load capacity, and should be stable at the maximum lifting height.Shuangqiao,When installing, disassembling, and adjusting the rotating mechanism, attention should be paid to ensuring that the middle line is parallel to the middle line of the gear, and its meshing surface is not less than %. The meshing clearance should be suitable for the brakes of each mechanism. The clearance between the brake wheels should be regularly checked and adjusted to ensure its flexibility and reliability. There must be no dirt on the friction surface and it must be cleaned with gasoline or diluent.Before installation, leveling pay attention to alignment, and confirm that the foundation meets the requirements before construction.There is noise inside the hydraulic cylinder. When replacing the hydraulic oil there was air in the hydraulic cylinder due to an operational error. Under high pressure,ShuangqiaoHydraulic automatic lifting platform, it is easy to generate cavitation and high-frequency noise. When the rod is bent or replaced with a new seal, the new seal is too tight, which can also produce significant noise. If it is a problem of tight sealing, the noise can be reduced after running in for a period of time. If the rod is bent, it needs to be corrected. In addition, hydraulic pipelines should use hoses as much as possible, even when arranging pipelines, it can reduce vibration and noise, and the pipelines should avoid dead bends as much as possible.

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