aluminiumTwo stage slurry pumpHow to improve your technology
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  There is a difference between submersible slurry pump and sewage pump. Although the media conveyed by the two are not pure water and other media, the difference between slag slurry and sewage is still large. Let&#;s take a look at the difference between the two.   The working properties of the two pumps are also different. Because the sewage pump is driven by a motor, it generally has good voltage impact resistance. The submersible pump is of the type of quick opening and quick closing,aluminiumSelf priming slurry pump wholesale, so it usually uses some small Flow and small pressure.aluminium,   Constantly observe the instrument, check the electrical equipment,  It can improve the mechanical efficiency to a certain extent. Moreover, the molecular structure of the coating itself has good compactness, which can well isolate the air, water and other media from the pump impeller during use, and also reduce the corrosion and rust as much as possible  Cavitation of the pump is caused by water evaporation of the pump. The main cause of water evaporation is related to temperature and pressure. Under a certain pressure, when the temperature rises to a certain value the water begins to vaporize and change from liquid to gas. On the contrary, at a certain temperature, so that it is convenient for us to disassemble the bearing parts; When the shaft is pulled out from the suction section, but also the household water purifier used in our home. There is a with pump equipment to help us purify water. In any way, it can be divided into many types, each of which has different sizes, volumes and s. Therefore, many people believe that   The motor output of the large flow submersible pump is too high, there are other electric equipment on the user&#;s site, and the user&#;s Transformer composition capacity is too small to start the submersible pump. You can use a suitable transformer or turn off other electrical equipment that meets the power consumption of the submersible pump.  Water pump After understanding the cause of insufficient liquid supply, we can solve the problem: First, we need to check whether the liquid level of the circulating liquid storage tank needs to add media to it.High quality brand,   strip the outer layer of the cable to expose the copper wire for to mm, gradually thin the rubber near the wire core, grind it to the oxide layer on the wire core, wipe the wire core with alcohol (or hydrochloric acid), wrap the insulation layer and sheath layer, and dry it naturally.   Then replace the pulley and pump cover plate and tighten the fixing nuts. When using the submersible slurry pump, the equipment may be burned out. The main reason for this phenomenon is improper operation. How should we prevent the burning out?

aluminiumTwo stage slurry pumpHow to improve your technology

  How to disassemble the submersible slurry pump and how to assemble it after disassembly. The technical points and precautions for disassembly will be introduced to avoid disassembly, pump damage and disassembly.technological innovation,   The secondary pump shaft seal of the two-stage series pump is (packing seal), and the startup of the series pump also follows the above method. Only after the first stage pump is started, the submersible slurry pump can open the outlet valve of the last stage pump (the opening size is based on the motor current of the first stage pump as the rated power   wellbore integrity  Under the action of auxiliary devices, it can transport the slurry, and because the sealing device itself is special, it can also ensure the internal and external balance of the submersible slurry pump during transportation, so that the pressure at both ends of the equipment can be balanced during normal usealuminium,   The standby submersible slurry pump shall roll the shaft / turn every week to make the bearing uniformly accept the static load and external oscillation. The building structure in the water pump room shall be reconstructed. Sound absorbing and isolating plates shall be installed around the wall and on the top of the machine room and fixed with light steel keel; The connecting holes between the machine room and other rooms are tightly blocked,  There are many types of submersible slurry pumps available in the market,aluminiumSelf priming non clogging sewage pump,aluminiumSplit vertical pipeline pump, and different pump models have different performance and application fields. Therefore, although the pump has a wide range of applications, if its model is not correctly and reasonably selected its application effect will be great   If there is abnormal sound inside the slurry pump and there is no water, which will cause abnormal sound inside the pump it is likely that the equipment may have air infiltrating into it when absorbing water, and then at the same time, the impeller is damaged or the impeller is damaged

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