TulamorDeep well pumpIntroduction to several configuration forms of
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  Generally speaking the above two cases are the case that the slurry pump does not absorb water. The solutions are also introduced. I believe that people can deal with this problem in time. However, if the problem is serious, you must not adjust it at will. At this time, when the load conditions do not match the model of the slurry pump, for example, the pump lift used is too high or too low, so we are selecting the pumpTulamor,  Submersible sewage pumps are classified as one kind of centrifugal impurities and have many forms: such as submersible and dry-type. At present, the commonly used submersible sewage pumps are WQ submersible sewage pumps, and the common dry-type sewage pumps are W-type horizontal sewage pumps and WL type vertical sewage pumps. It is mainly used to transport urban sewage and feces  The purpose is to inject liquid higher than . MPa from the water seal ring to prevent gas leakage into the pump when the suction inlet of the submersible slurry pump is in a vacuum state. When the water pressure in the pump is higher than . MPa, the sealing fluid .-. MPa higher than the pressure in the pump can be injected to seal and reduce leakageMaldives,   in addition, the noise method directly detects the noise of the equipment in the detection process, but such measurement will also be affected by the surrounding noise, so in fact, such measurement is not very accurate.  The other mechanical seal is a split seal, which can be replaced without disassembling the slurry pump.  During normal operation, the temperature of the motor is very high, some even as high as ℃. In this case, it is easy to burn the motor and replace it with a new one. In fact, one motor burns out at this time. Don&#;t worry about replacing it. You must find out the cause of the motor&#;s heating, or

TulamorDeep well pumpIntroduction to several configuration forms of

  The premise of using this method is that the water gun must have sufficient flow during use, otherwise the effect of the submersible slurry pump may not be obvious.  Check the oil quality of the oil chamber every six months to see if there is any leakage, and force replacement; Check the impeller for wear and determine whether it needs to be repaired and replaced.  Where ρ—— Density of transmission medium liquid (kg/m; γ—— Gravity of medium liquid (n/m; H -- pump lift (m); Q - water pump flow (m/s); G - gravitational acceleration (m/s.  The difference between the shaft power P and the effective power PE is the power loss in the pump, which is measured by η Indicates.Excellent service,   The pump body (can not) bear the pressure from the outlet pipeline system. The standby pump in the warehouse should rotate (/ times a week to make the shaft bear the load and external vibration evenly. The belt CR drive is that the motor is on the (right) side of the pump from the inlet of the pump.  With the continuous development of slurry pump technology, submersible slurry pump appears in response to market demand. It is especially suitable for the depth at which the vertical slurry pump cannot operate. The underwater part of the vertical slurry pump is generally not more than m, and of course it can be more than. For example, the maximum design depth of our company&#;s underwater slurry pump can reach m, but such underwater depth is not the best operating depth of this kind of pump, so it will lead to the unreliability of the operation of the vertical slurry pump from time to time.  Many users, including new practitioners of slurry pumps, often fail to distinguish the difference between submerged vertical slurry pumps and submerged slurry pumps. The names of submerged and submerged slurry pumps seem similar but there are essential differences. What is the difference between submersible slurry pump and vertical slurry pump?

TulamorDeep well pumpIntroduction to several configuration forms of

  The use of water pumps for agricultural drainage and irrigation can improve the ability of agriculture to resist natural disasters, increase production and ensure income, and provide material conditions for agricultural mechanization and water conservancy.Quality assurance,   one method is to use ultrasonic method to detect whether the equipment has cavitation. This method is often convenient for re detection. Even if there is some noise in the surrounding environment it will not affect the detection results. Therefore, many pumps tend to have better measurement results when in use.   whether pre lubrication water tank is required  No matter what type of slurry pump you need, Ritter pump will provide you with high-quality slurry pump products; New progress in submersible slurry pump technology in recent years The diving depth has increased from meters to meters!Tulamor,  Many people do not know much about the packing and sealing of equipment because of the equipment of mass and energy. Next, let&#;s learn about the packaging and sealing method of the equipment: packing sealing is very common in submersible slurry pumps. This method has good sealing performance, is easy to use, and effectively reduces the wear of the host and anti vibration kinetic energy  With water, you can start working.  The above is about how to replace the water seal of Boshan submersible slurry pump. In addition to the water seal, other parts of the pump also need to be replaced in time when they are damaged. Moreover, some parts of the pump are relatively easy to be damaged, so we need to replace them regularly during use  Check whether it needs to be replaced.

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