BenesovWhat’s good for the floorIndustry category comparison
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Before installing the solid wood floor,BenesovWaterproof practice of toilet floor, it must be ensured that the floor is dry, flat and free of garbage.Generally, the installation of the floor must be carried out before other decoration works are completed.If the floor is not flat, which will make a sound when people step on it.The surface coating of piano paint is actually the paint used on the surface of solid wood floor for laminate floor. It is only bright paint. The wear resistance of this coating is far from that of aluminum oxide surface. Its wear resistance is low, and solid wood floors are developing towards high wear resistance. Unless you like the coating of this surface.Benesov,First of all, the price of solid wood sports floor in gymnasium is not a clear price, because it is affected by many sports floor manufacturers.For example, the price of sports wood floor of maple panel and oak panel of various structural materials is different, locking ground temperature solid wood flooring is more and more popular, but with the entry of more and more manufacturers, the quality level of ground temperature solid wood flooring is also different.This is not a recent time. My partner consulted on the authenticity comparison method of oak locked ground temperature solid wood floor.Taking this as an example, the key guidelines for geothermal floor options are sorted out. Fire protection: the fire rating of SPC floor is B, second only to stone. It will automatically extinguish after leaving the flame for seconds flame retardant, and will not produce toxic and harmful gases.It is suitable for occasions with high fire protection requirements.Maha Sarakham,In addition, pay attention to whether there are sawdust and stratification on the cutting surface of the plate and whether there are sawdust and stratification on the cutting surface of the solid wood floor.Wear resistance: generally, it is about ~ times that of coated wood floor. There are standard wide plate and narrow plate in terms of specifications

BenesovWhat’s good for the floorIndustry category comparison

The key injury of formaldehyde is mainly manifested in the stimulation of skin and mucous membrane. Formaldehyde is a toxic chemical substance, which can fuse with protein. When inhaled at high concentration, it has serious irritation and edema of respiratory system, eye irritation and headache. All standard SPC floors must be certified by IS international quality management system and ISO international green environmental protection product certification.: I can&#;t tell the taste. The domestic price of this floor is more than yuan;Trustworthy, Good fire resistance Call a deer a horse: the commercial family pretends that the low-priced tree species are high-priced tree species, which is purely to deceive consumers by using the blind spot of consumers&#; knowledge.High concentration formaldehyde is a genotoxic chemical.In animal experiments, high concentration inhalation in the laboratory can cause nasopharyngeal tumors.

BenesovWhat’s good for the floorIndustry category comparison

More accurately, SPC floors with obvious pungent smell should not be environmentally friendly.SPC rural grass-roots raw materials themselves do not contain indoor formaldehyde. The qualified SPC floor should be . There is no formaldehyde release. It is likely to have the taste of air fragrance and modifier. It is not easy to cause harm to everyone&#;s body and make people feel uncomfortable.Although the installation method of SPC latch floor is the same as that of wood floor, the grasp of details in the installation process is also different from that of wood floor.According to the current market survey, the SPC lock floor of different brands will have edge warping, arching, large expansion joints, and even lock fracture after paving on individual sites.Respect for customers, It is suitable for floor heating. SPC floor has good thermal conductivity and uniform heat dissipation. It also plays an energy-saving role for families using wall mounted furnace to heat floor heating.SPC floor overcomes the defects of stone, ceramic tile, terrazzo, ice, cold and slippery. It is the first choice for floor heating and heat conduction floor.What are the advantages of SPC flooring: Select water resistance. Ultra light and ultra-thinBenesov,Finally,BenesovWood floor grinding,BenesovPrice of waterproof board, heat conduction is fast. Silencing comfortable and elastic walking feet, not easy to be injured when fallingSPC floor is constantly favored by people at home and abroad. It is an all-round new favorite integrating the advantages of ceramic tiles and other types of floor materials. It is presented and interpreted with a variety of colors, environmentally friendly materials and diversified colors, making the noise and disturbance lose the sense of existence.Let&#;s take a look at the advantages of SPC floor after class.

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