RilystadHydraulic aluminum alloy lifting platformPrecautions for use
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Replace with new oil and do not intermittently use old oil, otherwise the moving parts in the system will accelerate wear.Firstly, it is necessary to use and operate the elevator correctly. The operators should receive systematic operation training: regular inspection of operating standards should be carried out, and any violations of elevator operation should be detectedRilystad,What kind of function can be achieved by installing the elevator? Before installation, confirm whether the motor and elevator are intact, and strictly check whether the dimensions of each part connected to the motor and elevator match. Here are the dimensions and fit tolerances of the positioning boss, input shaft, and elevator groove of the motor.Check the rollers intermediate shafts, and bearings; Oil cylinder pin and bearing; Equality and wear of the hinge shaft and bearings of the boom; Add oil to the above components for maintenance of outdoor elevators and factory elevators. Extend the service life of bearings.Aonai jungle,Novice operators: Due to their lack of understanding or lack of understanding of the operation methods of high-altitude work platforms such as mobile elevators, it is easy for them to make mistakes and cause equipment malfunctions. Operators in this area need to patiently learn and pass training before they can operate and use them.The product has a sturdy structure, a large load-bearing capacity,Rilystadhydraulic lift, smooth lifting, and easy installation and maintenancePrecautions for daily maintenance of hydraulic elevator: Check all hydraulic pipelines and joints of the hydraulic elevator. The pipelines must not be damaged and the joints must not be loose. All joints must be tightened.

RilystadHydraulic aluminum alloy lifting platformPrecautions for use

Mobile elevators are generally used in skyscrapers where electric elevators are used, as there is no need to stop midway, so fast elevators are needed. First go to the high-rise sky lobby (high-rise elevator lobby, Skylobby) from the ground, and then transfer to the ordinary elevator to the destination. Some new elevators use elevator pre calling systems, which can pre call designated floors in the lobby. These passenger elevators can be decorated beautifully according to customer needs. Some passenger elevators are also equipped with air conditioning and television, while others are set up in the cabin, so that customers can enjoy the scenery outside while riding.How to replace the hydraulic oil of the elevator is the correct way. In winter, when the weather is relatively cold, the hydraulic oil of the elevator is easy to become thinner, so thinner hydraulic oil should be used; In summer, the weather is relatively hot and the temperature is relatively high, making it easy for the hydraulic oil of the elevator to become thin, so some should be used. The interval for replacing the hydraulic oil of the elevator should be determined based on the local weather conditions. When replacing the hydraulic oil a filter screen should be used to filter out impurities in the hydraulic oil and store it for future replacement in the coming year. Summary: Regularly replace the hydraulic oil of the elevator during maintenance.Talking about the daily maintenance and use of hydraulic lifting platform motors. Overloading is strictly prohibited,RilystadHydraulic small lifting platform, as overloading can increase the burden on the motor and in severe cases, cause the motor to burn out.High quality and low price,For the safety performance of high-altitude work platforms, it is necessary to have production technology, scientific processes, and strict management to ensure production. When in use, people, the environment, and machines are the three major links of high-altitude operations, Jiuyi briefly describes the precautions for using high-altitude operation platforms: high-altitude operators must hold a health certificate. Individuals with mental illness, hypertension, or mental illness are not allowed to engage in high-altitude work tasks. Staff are not allowed to engage in high-altitude work while drinking alcohol or feeling mentally drained.The power unit adjustment, whether it is a scissor type lifting platform or a guide rail type lifting cargo elevator, is composed of the power unit and the oil cylinder. The power unit has four outlets during production, which can be adjusted to increase or decrease the hydraulic oil flow rate of the oil cylinder. We can adjust the motor speed or the electro-hydraulic proportional valve to adjust the hydraulic oil flow rate; What factors will affect the lifting speed of hydraulic elevators? The longer the hydraulic oil pipe, the longer the lifting time. Therefore, during installation the length of the oil pipe should be minimized as much as possible within the allowable range of the design; On the basis of adjusting the power unit, the size of the oil pipeline can also be adjusted, and corresponding adjustments can be made while ensuring that the equipment meets normal demand and safety.Signature recognition of.

RilystadHydraulic aluminum alloy lifting platformPrecautions for use

The daily maintenance of guide rail type lifting equipment should pay attention to regular inspection and maintenance, eliminate faults, and achieve these benefits for improving work efficiency, extending equipment service life, and ensuring the safety performance of the elevator.Total quality assurance,The product has a sturdy structure, a large load-bearing capacity, smooth lifting, and easy installation and maintenanceSlow down the smoothness and hydraulic oil of various departments such as the gearbox, gearbox, and external meshing gears according to the requirements in the smoothness table.The open adjustment plate base makes it more convenient to clean debris. Professional projects include: manufacturers of scissor lifts and other related businesses. Merchants who wish to engage in this business are welcomeRilystad,Are there any damages to the wires and cables of the department. We need to quickly bandage and replace the damaged department.Check the hydraulic oil quality and level. When the lifting platform is raised to a high position, the hydraulic oil level should be - millimeters higher than the bottom of the oil tank. When the color of the hydraulic oil darkens, the oil becomes sticky, or there are foreign objects such as gravel in the oil, the hydraulic oil should be replaced in a timely manner. The hydraulic system of the lifting platform should be checked for hydraulic and pipeline connections. If the pipeline is damaged, tighten the pipe joint.Novice operators should pay attention to which equipment wears quickly when operating mobile elevators: Due to factors such as the processing and installation of high-altitude work platform equipment components such as mobile elevators,RilystadHandmade children's hydraulic lifting platform, the equipment surface is rough, the area is small, and the load bearing is uneven, which can cause equipment wear. During the operation of high-altitude work platform equipment such as mobile elevators, the concave and convex parts on the surface of the parts are embedded and friction with each other, which will accelerate the wear and tear of the surface of the equipment parts. Therefore, mobile elevators and other high-altitude work platform equipment are prone to wear and tear of components during the running-in period, with a fast wear rate.

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